Monday, 22 April 2019

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day by supporting for PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE project

Earth Day ( April ,2019): Earth Day - a day dedicated to planet Earth and its protection. Bringing attention to nature and some of the most pressing threats facing the environment, Earth Day has accomplished quite a lot in the nearly 50 years since its beginning.

Trees are the future: Trees for the Future farmers are ending harmful and ineffectual monocrop practices and achieving health and prosperity for themselves and their families through their Forest Gardens. Year round, farmers are able to produce more than a dozen varieties of vegetables and harvest fruit and nuts from their trees.
Donate to Trees for the Future and become part of the sustainable solution. Do more than plant trees - change lives and the planet.
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End Poverty Team

Saturday, 30 March 2019

“PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE” project through sustainable farming with focus on small and marginal farmers.

End poverty is a civil society organization registered in 2009 with a purpose to contribute towards poverty reduction in India. Its main activities are in the area of sustainable livelihood creation.

“PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE”  project  is implemented  in  Tijara block of Alwar district of Rajasthan,India. It is a livelihood cum environment project of End Poverty and is the  best solution towards sustainable farming as it consumes less water, give more returns, improve the local environment and family nutrition.

Planting more trees including the major category of lemon , guava , amla , ber and other citrus fruits as they are best suited for the particular area and hence recommended  by the Government of Rajasthan .Cost per plant is Rs100 which includes cost of sapling, basal treatment, supervision etc.
We are planning to achieve a target of 1 lacs sapling in next 2 years .We have already planted around 35350 fruit tress covering 650 farmers from 60 villages.

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You can also make a donation online through crowdfunding campaign page-

We thank you in advance for your support .Your donation is highly appreciated.
Pls note: Donations towards End poverty is exempted under Income Tax  Act (80G)

Thanks !!

End poverty Team

Friday, 25 November 2016


Adolescent girls born in rural households often only hear about being educated. The written word  mostly remains unrecognised in their lives, but they have heard about literacy and the mileage many are getting by virtue of being 'literate' and having studied.

EP's Kishori Shiksha Program has been a buzz word in the Tijara Block since 2009 and a welcome opportunity for many young girls who are desperate to learn to read and write. 

SMILE FOUNDATION joined hands in support and we hope this is the beginning of a relationship that will provide all the keen learners in Tijara with a serious and sincere opportunity to learn the written word!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

End Poverty's New website

Dear All

We are very pleased to announce that End Poverty has a brand NEW state of the art , user friendly website! 

Do visit and share with your friends and family! Let us know what you think!


Tijara Craft Exhibition at

Tijara Craft(earlier known as Meo Home Crafts) is a home grown brand of End Poverty's Ajeevika Craft Center (ACC).  The ACC is a women’s livelihood project that was conceived and pilot tested in 2010-11. As a result our first Ajeevika Craft Center was set up in 2011 and since then 546 women  from under privileged section of the society have been trained in sewing skills out of which 80 women come and make 26 products regularly. has organised an exhibition of our hand made products in their premises on October 18, 20 and 21 as a part of their CSR initiative.The range of products on exhibition cum sale includes mobile pouch, round pouch, potli pouch,tote bag, shopping bag, passport pouch, Ipad cover, laptop cover etc.



We thank for their support to our initiative to create sustainable livelihood options for the rural poor. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Skill upgrade training

End Poverty set up Ajeevika Craft Center in 2010 as a part of its Women livelihood project. From its inception these women have been given regular skill upgrade trainings. One such training took place in the last week of August. This was a training program designed by Rhizome . 

 The trainer Ms. Varalika held week long training where she introduced 3 new ranges of products to our artisans.
Our artisans took part in the training very enthusiastically and grasped all the new techniques and tips taught by the trainer.

The product ranges introduced are Tableware, Organisers and Bags and clutches.
Ajeevika Craft Center would soon be launching its new product ranges.
Table ware comes in a set of 1 table runner, 6 each of placemats, coasters, napkins and cutlery case.
Organisers have a travel oraganiser, passport case, tissue holder, hygiene case and stationery case.

They were also taught 2 varieties of tote bags and clutches and a sling bag. The trainer was able to bring out the best talent the artisans already possessed and use it in the products. 

All in all the training was a big success and we look forward to an exciting range of new products hitting the market very soon. 

Trainees  proudly showcasing  the products they made

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Saplings distribution

As a part of our Plant a Tree for Life campaign, on 20th Sep 2016 another tranche of saplings were distributed to the farmers of village Hamiraka in Tijara block.  As per the demands from the farmers, pomegranate and guava saplings were given. These saplings were donated by Mr. Lalit Jalan on behalf of GLMF DMRT 43, Delhi.