Thursday, 11 July 2019


Bilkisa -Student of KSP says :: "I had left all hopes of learning how to read and write, but I used to dream that I can also read and write. The KSP for me is a dream come true."  

Monday, 24 June 2019

Adolescent Girls Education Program

Another remarkable year 2019 for girls to be literate through End Poverty- Kishori Shiksha Program(KSP)
End Poverty aims at “Promoting gender equality”
· 2250 girls educated till March 2019
· 300 New Girls Enrolled in May2019
· 10,000 girls are out of school in the area

Thanks to GEN INITIATIVE for providing support to EP and helping us make a difference to the community by educating adolescent girls.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Exposure Visit of the farmers

End Poverty organised farmer’s exposure visit to the model agriculture farm, in which 13 farmers participated from Nangal Saliya, Jodiya (Angrej ki dhani) and Bibirani villages, Kotkasim block. 
During the visit ,farmers have seen best practices of farming in green house like
·         Vermi-compost making
·         Best practices of Fruit & Vegetable in green house
·         Poultry Farming
·         Dairy farm

Farm Productivity enhancement Program by END POVERTY

Farm Productivity enhancement Program 

End Poverty  has organized  a farmer training program on Farm Productivity Enhancement at Nangal Saliya Village. The training program was conducted by scientists from Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Bansur- Rajasthan
Training was  imparted on -
  • Milk production and nutrition need of animals
  • Animal Health Management
  • Soil sampling, testing and soil health
  • Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) structure and scope

Monday, 22 April 2019

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day by supporting for PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE project

Earth Day ( April ,2019): Earth Day - a day dedicated to planet Earth and its protection. Bringing attention to nature and some of the most pressing threats facing the environment, Earth Day has accomplished quite a lot in the nearly 50 years since its beginning.

Trees are the future: Trees for the Future farmers are ending harmful and ineffectual monocrop practices and achieving health and prosperity for themselves and their families through their Forest Gardens. Year round, farmers are able to produce more than a dozen varieties of vegetables and harvest fruit and nuts from their trees.
Donate to Trees for the Future and become part of the sustainable solution. Do more than plant trees - change lives and the planet.
You may please make a donation online through crowdfunding campaign page-

End Poverty Team

Saturday, 30 March 2019

“PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE” project through sustainable farming with focus on small and marginal farmers.

End poverty is a civil society organization registered in 2009 with a purpose to contribute towards poverty reduction in India. Its main activities are in the area of sustainable livelihood creation.

“PLANT A TREE FOR LIFE”  project  is implemented  in  Tijara block of Alwar district of Rajasthan,India. It is a livelihood cum environment project of End Poverty and is the  best solution towards sustainable farming as it consumes less water, give more returns, improve the local environment and family nutrition.

Planting more trees including the major category of lemon , guava , amla , ber and other citrus fruits as they are best suited for the particular area and hence recommended  by the Government of Rajasthan .Cost per plant is Rs100 which includes cost of sapling, basal treatment, supervision etc.
We are planning to achieve a target of 1 lacs sapling in next 2 years .We have already planted around 35350 fruit tress covering 650 farmers from 60 villages.

For more detailed information please visit our website

You can also make a donation online through crowdfunding campaign page-

We thank you in advance for your support .Your donation is highly appreciated.
Pls note: Donations towards End poverty is exempted under Income Tax  Act (80G)

Thanks !!

End poverty Team